Robinson Cano Suspended 80 Games Because No Surprise…He’s Juicing

This is like getting in a car accident and then the cops arrive on the scene to find you have a bag of weed in your car. This scenario only works in a state where weed is not legal but you get it. Okay, the cop finds a gun…is that better? I was trying to relate it back to drugs. The hits keep on coming for Cano.


First he’s out with a fractured hand after a HBP over the weekend, and now he gets nailed for using PEDs. Is anyone shocked? I am not. 50% of the league is probably dabbling in the ol’ HGH in some form. It’s just the luck or bad luck I should say of the draw to get dinged. The dude is 35 years old which is like 70 in MLB years. He’s hitting .287 with only 4 HRs and just hanging out. If he had .250 or lower, he would get eviscerated by the Seattle and national media.

Guy is still making buku buck guaranteed money at 15 mil. I would bet a good amount…definitely not 15 mil…like 15 bucks that he retires after this. What are you going to come back at 36? With the Mariners? He’s going to need to take a 2 year contract on an AL team and play DH or go riding off on a yacht into the Caribbean sunset and end up on an island like Robinson Caruso. Bon Boyage, Robbie! That’s definitely bad for the Mariners brand and your baseball legacy. What a dope! Get it? God damn it, sorry.

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