JAG OF THE DAY: Carson Smith

In a surprising turn of events, Carson Smith made himself look like a total boob in his last outing but then due to frustration of terrible outing, he threw his glove in anger and ended up hurting his arm. He is now on the 10 Day DL.


Okay, sure doesn’t sound like a big deal but really the guy can’t even be pissed correctly. He fucks that up too. You’re a reliever man in the Boston bullpen, it’s the norm so just act accordingly. Instead you fuck things up even MORE. Now, the Sox are stating they need a second opinion and could be potential for a major injury…YIKES. Not the best.

An area of the Sox that desperately needs help just took another hit. I mean, they will be fine and are on pace to win 113 games…so are the Yankees. And they will probably end up in a one game playoff but some terrible team in the NL will somehow make it into the Divisional series. Sure. This is why the AL East is so hard to play in. You can’t pull Busch league shit like this and expect to win the division. Okay, I am overdoing it but really the margin of error is so small this is the type of stuff you look back and say ‘Christ, remember when you got upset and ruined the bullpen even more?”

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