Snake Immediately Regrets Trying To Enjoy a Baseball Game Up Close

And I’m not talking about anyone from the Yankees. HUZZAH! Nor was it regretting watching the Mets. No but really an actual snake slithered on to the field during the 8th inning of the San Antonio Missions Double A game Friday night. Just trying to get a bit closer to the action, trying to see what the deal was. People RELAX. Act like you’ve been there before.

I mean this is the only kind of snake I want to see on a baseball field, sorry streakers! It would have been perfect if it was during a Diamondbacks game but alas, it happened here instead. I wish there was footage of players running for their lives. The poor case of the curious snake ended in tragedy, however, when the Jedi security dude with the metal rake did his best Darth impression and killed the reptile. I mean aren’t we all a little surprised a carrying member of the crowd didn’t just take out a pistol and annihilate the damn thing.

I do think this would boost baseball ratings and good for the brand. Release one dangerous animal on to the field at a random point of the game to see what happens. Does it survive? Do all the players? When will it happen? And now that sports gambling is legal it opens up a whole new category of prop betting.


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