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BREAKING: Sports Gambling is LEGAL

Need a Father’s Day gift? Just tell your dad, he and his bookie can be in public together now, because his bookie officially is out of a job! Dads everywhere celebrate! You don’t need to be ashamed anymore! The Supreme Court has ruled sports gambling is now legal across the country. For Boston especially, this day might become a national holiday. Hell, Atlantic City is about to blow up. I just texted my dad about this. His text back?


I was going to get him a new grill but now I am just putting down 150 on the C’s to take the ECF series in 6. You’re welcome, Dad.

Only in Boston, NY and NJ is this also a bonus Mother’s Day gift. Mom’s going to be pumped she can bet on the Sox legally now.

Ok so not only is this big for actual sports gambling but companies like FanDuel and DraftKings can collectively let out a sigh of relief. No more letters and subpoenas from the Attorney General and overheating the paper shredder to hide documents and finances. You can also now legally blow all your money losing to professional daily fantasy players who buy 200 entries in every tourney and have algorithms run for every best lineup. Hurray!

Me with my first born’s future college fund come the beginning of the NFL season:


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