Don’t Look Now…Miami Dolphins are going to make last year’s Browns look like the Patriots

This is in no way a hot take. It’s a lukewarm take at best. However, I am willing to bet good money the Fins (cue all the Miami fans saying “Fins UP, dude!”…no thanks) will be horrendously bad for the brand the 2018-2019 NFL season.

What are the Dolphins now? They still have Ryan Tannehill coming back from a tough injury. He was already up and down as a QB. And now the Garbage Pail Kids of the AFC East are paying over 20 million dollars a YEAR for Danny Amendola, Albert Wilson and Kenny “Whoopsies I Dropped It” Stills. They traded Jay Ajayi last year which I believe they just gave up on and realized their offensive line was pedestrian. Kenyan Drake is trying his best and will leave it to God’s Plan. I’m sorry that was terrible like the Dolphins. Dan Marino must cringe every time one of these players promises to win the AFC East.

Sorry but there’s no TB12 Method. That’s all fugazee, whosee, whatsy, ding dong infomercial, snake oil salesman bullshit. Tom Brady can play until he’s 45 because the rest of his division and the league manage their players and talent like Mr. Fucking Magoo. But to be worse than the Jets AND the Bills, now that’s an achievement. Hey, prove me wrong. Would love to see you try. Bill gets a boner every time he knows he is facing you, one because you suck at football and two Miami reminds him of his yacht and how he will be re-naming it to 8 Rings. No one @ me with “But Miami owns Brady and he doesn’t have a winning record against them!” He is 21-10 against you FRAUDS. Give it up. And ladies and gentleman, give it up for a team so so so bad for their brand. Hey at least you have a good shot at the first pick in next year’s draft. Where did the Dolphins go man?

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